Happy New Year!

LikeItSpicy wishes everyone a fabulous 2014. Here's to full plates, warm ovens, whistling kettles, bubbling curries, and glasses filled to the brim.

And now I am off to clean my spice cabinet.

Steak and Bake: Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

The man had a birthday recently. An orgy of biblical proportions (the eating kind) was planned, which ended up with the consummate carnivore  making his way through 33 ounces of pure meat. I told him to buy his birthday present himself. And I decided to bake a cake. So I could, you know, contribute something to the festivities.

I learned how to bake a pineapple upside-down cake a long long time ago, in a dusty land far, far away. I baked it without the fancy oven, the gleaming kitchen and with suspect baking powder. .

Cooking Up A Storm: Vegetable Korma

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  Being sequestered at home for thirty-six hours as an entire family unit is quite the social experiment. As Nemo raged, we did all the things one is supposed to do with loved ones during an unexpected long weekend with two feet of snow rapidly piling up outside.

We  played the customary family board game that one is expected to play. By The Fireplace. We built the customary snowman. We ate breakfast together. And lunch. And dinner. We dranks cups of tea. Smiled cheerily at one another and maybe at some point even Discussed Feelings.

Then things began to unravel pretty rapidly.

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